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Q: Do you have dogs available now?
A: There is a fair possibility we do.  Unfortunately, our rescue program has had to grow dramatically over the last few years due to the growth of back yard breeder and puppy mill activity.


Q: How many dogs do you place a year? 
A: On average, we place about 20 dogs a year.


Q: Do you place Newf’s in my state? 
A: SENC Rescue, Inc places dogs in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and all of the Carolinas.  If you do not live in one of these four states, you may still fill out a rescue application but the likelihood of receiving an SENC Rescue, Inc Newf is extremely remote.  Instead, you should contact a club closer to you.  Go to the NCA website at to find a rescue in your area. 


Q: Newfs cost too much from breeders; can I get one cheaper through rescue?

A: Our adoption fees are puppies $600.00 and adults $500.00.  This fee is used to cover costs and can vary (due to the age or medical issues of the dog), but is generally less than the price of a Newf from a breeder.  The dog will be examined by a vet, certain vaccinations will be brought up to date, and we will spay/neuter if not already done.  Any detected or suspected health problems will be checked out and treated if possible. 


Q: Can I come to your facility to pick out a dog and take it home today?
A: No, sorry, you can't do either.  We do not have a shelter that you can visit to ‘see’ the dogs.  All of the Newfs in our rescue program are in foster homes where we can get to know them as family pets, not see how they can handle living in a dog run.  This website is as close to the dogs as you can get without an approved adoption application.   Once your application has been approved, and we have a Newf that matches your issues and requirements, you will need to drive for a ‘Meet & Greet’.  Since our foster dogs will be in 1 of the 4 states we cover, you will need to travel to the ‘Meet & Greet’. 


Q: How does my adoption application get approved? 
A: After we receive your application, someone will call to interview you.  It can take up to 2 weeks, so please be patient.  Following the telephone interview, we will contact the references you provided, and then we will schedule a home inspection to be sure your home is appropriate for a Newf.  We are not looking for “House Beautiful” but, we ARE looking for “Newf safe and friendly”.


Q: How long is your waiting list? 
A: We keep a list of potential adopters.  Our rescues are not placed on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, but rather as a best match to an adoptive home that will be the best place for the dog.  You might get a Newf very quickly, or it might take a long time, or you might never get a rescued Newf from us.  It all depends on how many dogs come through rescue, and whether one has needs and issues that fit your situation.


Q: How long do you keep my adoption application active? 
A: Applications are kept on file for two years.  If you have not received a rescued Newf from us after 6 months, please contact us and make sure to update your information.


Q: Can I get a puppy through rescue? 
A: It is not likely.  If you’re looking for a Newfie pup, Rescue is not the place for you.  It’s extremely rare to get one in and, on the rare occasion that we do, that puppy will go into a home with long-time Newfoundland experience.  We will not place a puppy in a home that currently has a puppy of any breed.  All puppies require lots of individual attention to become the best adult dog that they can be and it would not be fair to your current puppy nor the rescued Newfie pup.  Also, puppies brought up together tend to bond with each other instead of their human caregiver.


Q: What is the average age of a rescue Newf? 
A: Rescue Newfs average from 2 to 4 years of age.  This is the age where the terrible 'teens' set in and many homes are not prepared.  If the Newf has not had the benefit of beginning obedience and crate-training, they can and do go through the 'terrible two's'.  This is the age also, where the Newf will complete their growth, and many times, uneducated 'puppy' buyers cannot believe the room that it takes to house, exercise and feed a dog that is from 90 to 130 pounds (on an average). Obedience classes recommended and required for certain cases


Q: Where do your rescue Newfs come from? 
A: Pounds, shelter, surrenders directly to us by the owners, even just plain lost or abandoned. 


Q: Can I use this dog for breeding? 
A: NO!  All Newfs placed through the SENC Rescue, Inc program are spayed or neutered prior to release to the adoptive home. 


Q: Is there a guarantee? 
A: Sorry, no.  We collect whatever information on the dog that we can and pass all of it on to the potential adopters so that they can make an informed decision.  But no one can foretell the future.  If the adoption does not work out, you are required to surrender the dog back to the SENC Rescue, Inc program.  If you surrender the dog back to SENC rescue within the first 2 weeks of signing the Placement Agreement, your adoption fee will be refunded.


Q: I've heard that all rescue Newfs come with problems.  How well do they adjust to their new owners? 
A: Surprisingly well.  Even the ones from good homes that were surrendered to us have re-attached to their new families.  It takes love and patience for all of them to overcome whatever baggage they have.  So far, they have all done well. 


Q: Is there a type of Newf that does NOT drool?
A: NO!!  Some Newfs may drool less but none are dry-mouthed!


Q: Do your rescue dogs ever come with AKC registration papers? 
A: No.  If it is at all possible, we will try to get pedigree information as it can be helpful for health history.  If the new owner wants to participate in AKC events, they can apply for an ILP number for the dog.  The Newf is then allowed to join in all AKC events, other than Conformation, like any registered dog. 


Q: Do you ever place Newf mixes? 
A: Upon occasion, we will have a mix; but that is not the norm.  We try very hard to ensure that only purebreds come into the system.


Q: What if I have a dog to surrender? 
A: Call our toll-free number at 866-WET-NEWF (938-6393) if you have a dog that you need to surrender. This number is for surrenders and for reporting dogs in shelters/pounds only. 


Q: I want to get on your adopter list, what do I do now? 
A: You can fill out an application here .


Q: What if I can’t adopt permanently, but would like to consider a Foster?
A: Read our Foster FAQ’s and complete our Foster Application.

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