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The purpose of SENC Rescue, Inc’s program is to rescue unwanted or homeless Newfoundland dogs and place them in good homes.  We work within the guidelines of the Newfoundland Club of America's Rescue Committee.

It is our belief that a Newfoundland dog should not be acquired casually or disposed of lightly, but sometimes an owner's circumstances change, and the Newf is found to be unsuited to his/her present home.  It is on these rare occasions that we try to find a permanent new home where the Newfoundland will be loved and respected for its unique combination of qualities. 

A Newf is a very large commitment and will be part of your family for the next several years, therefore, it is very important that you understand exactly what owning and caring for one means.  Newfs are wonderful dogs but they do require a lot of time, dedication, and lots of love…love that they give back two-fold.

SENC Rescue, Inc maintains a waiting list of pre-screened adoptive homes interested in acquiring a Newfoundland dog.  All Newfs placed by SENC Rescue, Inc are evaluated for temperament, vet checked, and altered prior to being placed. Adoptions are made on a matching basis; the background and needs of the Newfoundland must match those of the prospective owners. While an adoption fee is charged, it does not cover all of the costs involved in operating our rescue service so donations are accepted at any time. 


Debra Holloman

Vice President
Cindy Wiemann

Debra Allenspach

Mark Holloman

Lead Coordinator
Regina Gemignani

Vet Services Coordinator
Susie Cox

Board of Directors
Tammy Jones - Chair
Dionne Zick Reep
John Alexander
Dr. Pattie Kenney

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