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Bloat is a very serious and life threatening condition; run, don’t walk to your nearest Veterinary Clinic or Hospital.  Please take the time to educate yourself regarding GDV before the situation arises to help assist you in recognizing the signs and symptoms of possible Bloat. If your pet is experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, seek veterinary medical assistance immediately; trying to vomit and little is produced, if your pet seems uncomfortable, restless and unable to settle, if his/her stomach is bloated and/or hard, please seek veterinary assistance immediately.
We have provided some educational links below. They should never take the place of prompt medical care.

Bloat - The Mother of All Emergencies
Bloat First Aid and Emergency Care
Bloat – Quick Reference Guide
Bloat – Acupressure Point
Bloat – Post Surgery Care




Hip Dysplasia: This is a great link with x-rays.

 Elbow Dysplasia

 CCL and other injuries with repair


 Laryngeal Paralysis

 Megaesophagus with interactive animation

 Canine Cushings Disease


Vaccinations - Allergic Reactions

The 10 Most Common Toxins in Dogs

Interactive Chocolate Toxicity Chart

Animal Poison Control

Dog Food Analysis

Suggested Reading List






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