SENC Rescue, Inc.

Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in the Newfoundland dog.  The questions below are designed to assess your suitability as a home for a rescue Newf
and to help us match a dog to your particular lifestyle.  The questions are also meant to help you determine if a Newf is the right breed for you.
Answer all questions as completely and truthfully as you can. Any unanswered areas, such as REFERENCES, will cause your application to be rejected.

Date of Application



Street Address (No P.O. Boxes)

City   State     Zip  

Home Phone   Work Phone

Best time to call   Occupation  

E-mail Address

All rescued Newfs are completely vetted: vaccinations as needed, heartworm tested (and treated if needed), spay/neuter, and microchipped.
Are you aware of and willing to pay the $600.00 for puppies and $500.00 for adults adoption fee? 
Have you or anyone in your family ever been convicted of an animal cruelty crime? 
Have you ever adopted a dog from another organization? 
If yes, Who?

Have you ever relinquished a dog to another organization?  If yes, Who

Why ?
Have you ever been turned down by another rescue organization?   If yes, Who?

Why ?
Is everyone in your family agreeable to having a dog? 
Who will be primarily responsible for the dog's care and training?

Other family members living at home.  Please list names and age (if child):


Is yours a(n):      If Other, please explain: 
Do you own or rent your home?     If Rent, is your landlord agreeable to you owning a dog? 
Are there any covenants or restrictions on pets where you live? 
If Yes, please explain:
Does fencing completely enclose the yard for a dog? 
If Yes, what type of fencing and how high is it? 
If No, how and where will you exercise a dog and allow it to relieve itself:

Is someone normally at home during the day?       If No, how many hours will you be gone during a normal weekday?
Where will the dog spend the day?  Loose Indoors    Loose Outdoors     Basement      Garage      Kennel Run       Fenced Yard
Crate          Other
Do you travel frequently?       If Yes, who will take care of the dog while you're away?
Where will the dog sleep?

Why a Newfoundland?
Have you ever owned or personally met a Newfoundland dog? 
Why do you want a Newfoundland?
What do you like about the breed?
What have you learned about the breed?
What don't you like about the breed?

Care and Responsibility
Please give some thought to the questions below rather than automatically answering 'yes'.  The Newf is a high maintenance dog and while you may
sincerely love the breed you may also discover that you do not have the time or the resources to devote to its upkeep.  However, if you do, a Newf
will more than repay you with a lifetime of loyalty.

Are you prepared for the expenses associated with the Newfoundland?  Such as quality food, yearly heartworm check and monthly preventative
rabies vaccinations, stool checks, etc.:  

Are you willing to spend half an hour every other day for grooming and even more time during the spring and fall sheds, or to have the dog professionally
groomed regularly?  

Are you prepared to deal with the cost (which often is more expensive due to the breed's large size) of non-routine / emergency veterinary care, especially
as the dog gets older?  

Are you willing to provide training to solve any behavioral problems?           What behavior problems would you consider intolerable (i.e.: biting,
growling, barking, digging, house soiling, etc.)?

You MUST provide the name and phone number of your current veterinarian, or the name and number of the veterinarian you are planning to use.
Veterinarian   Phone Number

If you rent your home you MUST be able to provide a written statement from your landlord and/or property management company indicating they are agreeable to
you having a dog on the property and inside the home.  The statement from your landlord IS required as part of the adoption process. SENC Rescue, Inc.
will verify the landlord agreement to have a dog on the property and inside the home.

Landlord/Property Management Company Name   Phone Number

You MUST provide three additional names as references.  References may include a neighbor, your employer, or a friend who owns a Newf or another coated giant
breed such as a Great Pyrenees or St. Bernard.  Do NOT use family members.
Name   Phone Number   Relationship to Applicant
Name   Phone Number   Relationship to Applicant
Name   Phone Number   Relationship to Applicant

Pet History
If you have owned dogs in the past please list them and explain what happened to them.
Dog's Name Breed How long owned What happened to this dog
Dog's Name Breed How long owned What happened to this dog
Dog's Name Breed How long owned What happened to this dog

If you have never owned a dog what do you expect from owning one?
What do you think you will like least about dog ownership?
If you have never owned a dog, have you ever lived in a house with dogs?            If yes, did you have dog-care responsibilities? 
If Yes, please explain
Have you ever trained dogs?       If Yes, please explain
Have you ever bred a dog?       If Yes, why
Do you currently own one or more dogs?          If Yes, how many         Please provide details below.
Dog's Gender?          Spayed/Neutered?          Breed         Age         How long owned
Dog's Gender?          Spayed/Neutered?          Breed         Age         How long owned
Dog's Gender?          Spayed/Neutered?          Breed         Age         How long owned
Do you currently own one or more cats?          If Yes, how many
Do you have any other pets?         If Yes, details
Of the dogs that you own or have owned what do you enjoy most about dog ownership?
What do you like least about dog ownership?
Please describe the characteristics of the ideal dog for you and your family.

Please check any preferences that you may have in a dog. 
  Male     Female 
Are you willing to accept a dog with special medical needs? 
Are you willing to accept an abused dog who needs extra love and attention? 
Are you willing to accept a dog with behavioral problems that require special attention? 

How long are you willing to wait for a Newf?

Because our rescued Newfs are placed in foster homes in the surrounding 4 states we cover (AL, GA and all of the Carolinas), approved adopters will be required
to drive to pick up their new family member.
  Are you willing to drive a long distance to pick up your adopted Newf? 

Where did you hear about Newfoundland Rescue?

By signing below I certify that the information I have given is true and complete and that any misrepresentation of facts may result in my losing my opportunity to adopt a Newf through SENC Rescue Inc.
Electronic Signature Date


Note: If you have not received your rescued Newfoundland after two years of waiting but you are still interested in adopting one
please e-mail SENC Rescue, Inc and update your information.  Also, be sure to inform us if anything in your current
situation has changed, i.e.: telephone numbers, address, etc.